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Thank You So Much!
Thank you so much! thank you all! i am so glad to be here! i couldn't have made it to were i am standing now without you guys! i am so glad i decided to join! your all such kind and lovely people and friends! your all the best!!!
Estrella del Norte
Name: North Star (but in spanish )

Gender: Female 

Age: Unknown

How She Dresses: It's kinda like a mix between Tomboy, punk, and girl-ish

Species: Unicorn 

Main clothes: ( the clothes that she is wearing in the picture..)

Desc: On the outside and around others she tries to act cool and sometimes, as if she doesn't care, but really, on the inside are her true feelings. If you knew her well then you would know that she can actually be shy at times. Also, sometimes, when she is all alone and has had a rough time, like, lets say maybe she had a fight with her parents, she starts to cry and then calms herself down by listening to music and drawing, but sometimes, based on how bad the fight was, or what happened, the things she draws aren't very pretty.. She LOVES to draw, for she has a bunch of binders and note pads filled with pictures. Why, she is hoping to one day get some dressers or some shelves and etc to put all her drawings in. Till then, she uses things like her binders, folders, and even a few expanding file things to organize her pictures. And as you could tell, since she loves to draw, she has a bunch of colored pencils, crayons, and a few markers. Drawing is basically the main thing she is passionate about, but she keeps it a secret from everyone but her friends and best friends. She also loves specific kinds of food like pizza and ect. She loves sweets and some fast foods, but she does run around and get some exercise on a daily basis and also makes sure she eats fruits and veggies as well. Basically, every once and a while she might run around with some friends and then the next she might just rest under a tree and listen to music as she draws to relax and unwind.

Anyways, i think this is good enough for now. Also, the character was made on this lovely game called pony town, along with the picture. the background was searched on google and the oc belongs to me. do not steal or claim as your own. Also, if you want to use her in a picture, make sure you read the desc first so you can get an idea on what kind of picture you should add her in, and if you do, then thank you so much.
Im on willows..
The room im in is called ice. please, im all alone.

:iconasksilverstream1987:, :iconspicy-laptop:

Time i posted this:6:55 PM
The Toast fight {Gift}
:iconasksilverstream1987: - DONT YOU DARE PUT ANY SYRUP ON THAT TOAST! IT'S MINE! 

:iconthemysterioussong: - TRY ME GURL, TRY ME!

Characters (c) :iconasksilverstream1987:, :iconthemysterioussong:

I am sorry if you cant see it very well. i promise when i can i will outline it and post it again, maybe even add some color. till then, this is what i have for you. it's a funny little thank you gift for the valentine gift you made for me. Anyways, i hope you like it! also, THE TOAST IS MIIINNNNEEEEEE! >:U

Do NOT steal the characters in this picture
Do NOT claim this picture as yours
Do NOT re-upload on any other site without my permission.

If you want me to make one for you and a friend, here's what you need to do 1. Ask, obviously.  2. Give me the oc's of you and your friend  3. Tell me what you want to be fighting over.  4. Be patient and wait till i am done after you do those 3 steps.
Hello, meet the face of my bear whom is watching you as you sleep. ^-^


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MixedDeath Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017  Student Digital Artist
start uploading more art of yours

its boring to look at old pictures

let me smell the scent of fresh pictures

i will smell them.

TheMysteriousSong Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017
themysterioussong.deviantart.c…, Smell away my dear friend.
TheMysteriousSong Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017
Im gonna, and also, why haven't you been on or have replied to my comments? I miss you, and i need you back, cause without you, and also feath and neon, and the others, i am lonely, and i have been this whole week. I miss you guys, and also, valentines day is coming, and you agreed to be my valentine, just saying..
MixedDeath Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2016  Student Digital Artist
i can smell you Overly Attached Girlfriend Icon 
TheMysteriousSong Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016
OH SHI- // falls backwards //
MixedDeath Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016  Student Digital Artist
much wow Doge  Doge troll emote 
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