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Time lapse Fusion Sketch
Its the sketch for this fusion me and :iconmixeddeath: are gonna do, based on our two mlp ocs, Mine: Melody, :iconmixeddeath: : Killer.

Btw, sorry it is so blurry, i tried my best.
Is this what mlp truly is?
For those whom have looked, i know its nothing big, but some people might not like to see pictures of things like this. so for those whom haven't seen this, just be careful, okay? you have been warned. just letting you know, this is not my picuture.
Okay.. so.. my mother went to the hospital, and just a few minutes ago, police came to my house, an talked to my aunt about leaving me and my sisters here. and also, my aunt wants me and my big sister to wake up and clean the house at 8:00 AM. and also, my aunt said that my father will most likely have to stay at the house, watching me and my sisters, until my aunt comes home. so at the moment, my life has gotten sort of harder with my mom gone. anyways, thank you if you read this.
Okay, tbh, it may not be that bad, and they just might give her some medicine and send her back home.. i should of thought about this before writing what i just posted moments or minutes or hours ago. so i am sorry, and i might just delete what i posted.
Hey guys... i just want to let you know.. that right now... and after... i might not be as happy as i would be normally.... why?... cause right now, my mom wants my big sister to help her get decent before my big sister calls an ambulance to take her to the hospital.. and with my grandmother gone... and with my aunt and father both having to work... and my big sister being in a deep sleep sometimes... and just... im scared.. cause sometimes me, my big sis, and my baby sis will be the only ones here... and if my aunt brings my big cousin over... my big sister and her will most likely fight... and just... its gonna be a big struggle for my life... and im not saying that im the only one with hard life... im just saying my life is now possibly gonna get way harder... and with me being the age i am... i dont know if i can handle it... anyways, i just wanted to let you know.. and i will try to remember to tell you guys if things get better... if you read this then thank you so much..


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